Laura Ingraham Claims ‘No One Wants to Hear About’ Strzok, Page Anymore … One Hour After Hannity Asks: ‘What About Strzok and Page?’


Addressing the Republican Party’s declining favorability among women, Fox News host Laura Ingraham warned a top House Republican that “no one wants to hear about” former FBI attorney Lisa Page and Peter Strzok anymore — but her primetime partner, Sean Hannity, apparently didn’t get the memo.

Ingraham offered her unsolicited advice to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy — and implicitly, to President Donald Trump — on her Wednesday night show. Alluding to the fact that the gender gap between parties is larger than ever and that suburban women fleeing the GOP were a driving factor behind the House Democrats regaining the majority in 2018, Ingraham urged caution in the party’s rhetoric as the 2020 election approaches.

“If you want to take the House you need to get women solidly in the folds of the Republican Party and some of them have left, no doubt about it,” she pointed out, as McCarthy nodded in assent. “The president is extremely popular,” — in fact, his job approval remains stuck in the low 40s — “however, a lot of women just want things to calm down here they want to hear about policies, they want to hear about health care, they want to hear about how the country is going to be safer.”

“Security becomes number one,” McCarthy claimed, but then Ingraham jumped back in and pivoted to an implied critique of the party’s propensity for bashing long-irrelevant figures as part of its political strategy.

“So, is it smart to kind of keep going back,” Ingraham began, before lapsing into deep, mock-pundit voice “You know, ‘We got [Peter] Strzok, [Lisa] Page, [Lt. Col. Alexander] Vindman.’ No one wants to hear about that. No one cares about Vindman, literally, nobody, God bless him, cares about him. They’re glad that it is over. If we have to fight another fight we will fight it, but is it time to turn the page on that?”

McCarthy’s response, notably, pivoted to touting the number of Republican women running for House seats in 2020, while completely ignoring Ingraham’s direct call to end the ugly attacks against people like Vindman, Strzok, and Page. The last two officials, who were also engaged in a romance, have become infamous targets of Trump’s, as he frequently mocks their affair in viciously personal, faux-orgasmic set pieces at his political rallies. [Page has sued both the DOJ and FBI for an invasion of privacy.]

And to reinforce the great difficulty that many conservatives will have with refraining from attacks on favorite right-wing boogeymen like Strzok and Page, you had to look no further than Ingraham’s own network, just one hour earlier.

That’s when, during a rant defending Trump’s intervention into the sentencing of longtime confidante Roger Stone, Sean Hannity once again name-checked Strzok and Page as examples of a runaway cabal of anti-Trump resistance. Like Trump, Hannity has made the pair a household name to his viewers, vilifying them countless times over the past two years.

“OK, we know James Comey was referred for lying, same with Andrew McCabe. What about Peter Strzok and Lisa Page?” Hannity defiantly asked. “I don’t see pre-dawn raids with guns in the faces of their wives when all they had to do was ask them to show up. Is there a dual justice system in America? Is there equal justice under the law? Is there equal application of our laws? Do we even have a constitutional system of law anymore?”

Can a Republican Party dominated by Trump — that now counts just 13 women among its House ranks (a 25-year low) — radically change its rhetoric in a way that abandons petty, personal grievances and stops alienating suburban, college-educated women? It is hard to see how, when the cable network that is the GOP’s primary media megaphone — as well as its biggest prime-time star — is both structured and incentivized to keep doing exactly that.

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