President Trump

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John Kasich is Worried About the ‘Pathetic’ State of the Presidency

Trump Threatens Intervention in Venezuela: I ‘Wouldn’t Rule Out a Military Option’

Trump Asked if U.S. Could Go to War With N. Korea: ‘I Think You Know The Answer’

Trump In 1999: I Would ‘Negotiate Like Crazy’ With North Korea

Listen: The Moment Anthony Scaramucci Called Reince Priebus a ‘F–king Paranoid Schizophrenic’

Low Energy Man Announces Three Week Vacation

Seb Gorka: We Can Pressure China With ‘The President’s Twitter Feed’

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Stephen Miller Dismisses Famous Statue of Liberty Poem: It Was ‘Added Later’

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WATCH: President Trump Meets With Small Business Owners LIVE STREAM

WATCH: President Trump Presents His First Medal Of Honor To Vietnam Vet LIVE STREAM

Uh-Oh. Now Even Rasmussen is Putting Trump’s Approval Rating at Under 40

Vice Contributor Claims Trump Call to End Filibuster is ‘Dictatorship’, Predicts ‘Civil War’

WATCH: President Trump Gives Remarks In Long Island On The MS-13 Gang LIVE STREAM

WATCH: President Trump Makes Announcement About Creating Jobs LIVE STREAM

McCain Rips Trump’s Transgender Policy: ‘Major Policy Announcements Should Not Be Made Via Twitter’

Donald Trump Just Had Some Thoughts On Twitter About Transgender Soldiers

WATCH: President Trump and the First Lady Participate in a Salute to American Heroes LIVESTREAM

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