WATCH: Trump Waves at Protesters Calling Him Racist While Golfing in Scotland

Scotland’s Parliament Calls For New Independence Referendum Before Brexit

Trump Built a Wall Along His Scottish Golf Course and Tried to Force Residents to Pay For It

Leaders from Scotland, N. Ireland Call for Referendums of Their Own to Leave the UK

Donald Trump Gives Bizarre, Rambling Scotland Speech All About His Golf Courses and Suites

Scottish Locals Raise Mexican Flags Outside of Trump’s Golf Course in Protest

‘A Choice Between Sanity and Insanity’: Fmr Scottish Minister Rips Trump for Global Business Flops

Bearded Ginger Doppelgängers on Airline Flight Take Over the Internet

Thanks to Scottish Referendum, We Have to Take Piers Morgan Back

Scotland Votes ‘No’ on Independence

Rupert Murdoch Ties Scotland Vote to Tea Party-Style Anger with Washington

Fried Chicken Convinces Man Scotland Will Vote for Independence

Sean Connery Won’t Vote in Scottish Referendum Because of Tax Reasons

John Oliver Goes Full Love Actually to Protest Scottish Independence

Behold: A Political Campaign Actually Asking People to Stop Sending Money

UK PM David Cameron Promises To Cooperate With US Investigation Into Lockerbie Bomber Release

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