A Fringe Coalition: When the Left and Right Join Forces to Discredit the Center

2013 Exposes Media’s Love of Activist Government Over Effective Government

Jake Tapper: Obama ‘Resentful’ GOP’ers in Congress Refused to Help Craft Obamacare

CNN’s Gloria Borger Presses John McCain: Is GOP In a ‘Civil War?’

FreedomWorks CEO Matt Kibbe Sees ‘Real Possibility’ of Dissolution of the GOP

MSNBC’s Touré, TIME Reporter Go Off on GOP’ers Living in ‘Bubble’ of ‘Fake News’

CNN Panel: Shutdown Made Gov’t Popular, ‘People Realized What Was Missing from Their Lives’

POLITICO Columnist Thinks Obama’s Image Is ‘Man Who’ll Always Give on Anything,’ Voters Disagree

Obama to Congress: Time to Ignore ‘Activists,’ ‘Bloggers,’ and ‘Talking Heads on Radio’

NYC Reporter Presses Obama on Whether He Deserves ‘Blame’ for Conflict in Washington

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher Grills Jay Carney: If Obamacare Delayed, Will GOP ‘Delay Heart Attacks?’

‘What Are You Talking About?’ CNN Anchor Laughs at Dem Rep. for Linking GOP to Confederacy

Matthews: GOP’s Changes to Obamacare for Debt Ceiling Increase ‘a Tough One’ for Obama

House GOP Takes Aim at Least Popular Group in America: Themselves

Chris Matthews: ‘It’s Hatred,’ Not Politics Motivating GOP Opposition to Obama

Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz Call Out Obama for Not Appearing at Vets Protests

WSJ’s Paul Gigot: ‘Economic Nonsense’ Taking Over on ‘Disoriented’ Right

Obama: GOP Using Debt Ceiling to ‘Extract Extreme or Partisan Concessions’ from Dems

Chuck Todd: GOP Has Palin, Cruz to ‘Blame’ for Bad ‘Treatment They’re Getting from Democrats,’ Obama

Chuck Todd: ‘Unmitigated’ Shutdown ‘Disaster’ Could Create ‘Wave Big Enough to Flip’ House

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