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Trump Reportedly Caught Totally Off Guard by North Korea’s Threats to Pull Out of Summit

Top Senate Democrats Come Out Against Pompeo Sec. of State Nomination After Big North Korea News

State Department Scrubs Rex Tillerson From Website, Then Brings Back His Biography

New Report Reveals Trump Once Demanded Tillerson Finish a Caesar Salad: ‘Rex, Eat the Salad’

Reporters Mock White House During Comically Botched Teleconference: ‘Can’t Even Run a F*cking Conference Call’

Trump Not Worried About Unfilled State Dept. Roles: ‘I Am the Only One That Matters’

Trump Wants State Dept to ‘Accelerate’ Release of Clinton’s Emails, CNN Reports

Taxpayers Paid at Least $100K for Tiffany Trump to Vacation in Italy

US State Dept. Fires Back At Sebastian Gorka: Tillerson ‘Carries a Big Stick’

Benghazi’s Back! Judge Orders State Dept to Obtain Emails From Clinton Aides

State Dept. Defends Trump’s ‘Fire and Fury’ Edict: ‘The Kind of Language Kim Jong-un Will Understand’

State Department Spent More Than $15,000 at Trump Hotel in Vancouver

Thousands of State Department Staffers Worried About Trump and Tillerson’s Leadership

In Other News: State Department’s Anti-Semitism Monitoring Office Will Have No Employees by the Weekend

Heather Nauert Spars With Andrea Mitchell Over ‘Stalled’ Ambassador Appointments

Who Is Heather Nauert?

President Trump Breaks Campaign Promise, Will Keep Israel Embassy in Tel Aviv (UPDATED)

Awkward: State Dept Official Struggles To Explain Why Iran’s Elections Are Bad and Saudi Arabia’s Monarchy is Good

Lindsey Graham Rips Trump’s Proposed Cuts to State Dept.: ‘A Lot of Benghazis in the Making’

State Department Condemns Turkish Security’s Attack on Protesters in D.C.

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