Steve King

Man Arrested for Throwing Water at Rep. Steve King at Iowa Restaurant

Steve King Posts Meme Fantasizing About Violent Civil War Between Red and Blue States

ABC’s Jon Karl Busts Sarah Sanders Hard on Trump’s Failure to Personally Condemn Steve King’s Racist Remarks

GOP Rep. Who Voted Against Anti-Hate Resolution: Dems Hypocrites to Condemn Steve King But Not Ilhan Omar

Steve King Says He Was ‘Warned’ About Racist Remark Controversy … Before He Made Racist Remarks

Pelosi: Ilhan Omar Apologized, Took GOP ’13 Years to Notice Steve King’

Watch Steve King Encourage Constituent Who Wants to ‘Take the Sting Out of’ Word ‘Racism’

Steve King Speaks at First Town Hall Since House Rebuke for Comments on White Supremacy

Steve King Bashes McCarthy, Liz Cheney After House Condemnation: What Gives Her the ‘Moral Authority’ to Criticize Me?

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace: ‘There Isn’t a Strain of Racism on the Left’

Kevin McCarthy Appears to Swipe at Paul Ryan When Asked Why GOP Never Punished Steve King

Bobby Rush Blasts Resolution Against ‘Unrepentant Racist’ Steve King: It Didn’t Go Far Enough

Des Moines Register Editorial Board Calls on Steve King to Resign

Steve King Says Yes to Resolution Rebuking His Own Comments: ‘Let’s Vote for This’

Steve King Hits GOP Leadership for ‘Political Decision’ to Remove Him from House Committees

Steve King Loses All House Committee Seats

Sen. Mitt Romney Calls on Steve King to Resign Over ‘Reprehensible’ Comments

CNN’s Kirsten Powers: ‘There’s Not That Much Difference’ Between Trump and Steve King

Mitch McConnell Condemns Steve King: His Comments Are ‘Unworthy of His Elected Position’

Dem Congressman Moves to Censure Steve King: He ‘Should be Set Aside and Isolated’ Like a ‘Rabid’ Animal

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