Watch: Steve King Actually Compares His Rebuke for Racist Comments with the Crucifixion of Jesus


Republican Iowa Congressman Steve King took Easter worship to a bizarre new level when he compared his congressional rebuke by Congress to the flogging and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

At a sparsely-attended town hall meeting in Cherokee, Iowa Tuesday, King took questions from the crowd, including a woman who identified herself as Reverend Pinky Person. After praising King for his office’s engagement with local pastors, Person said “My concern is how Christianity is really being persecuted. It is starting right here in the United States.”

She went on to say that more prayer and faith and working together would help solve “the problems we have,” and did not ask King a question.

King briefly praised his own staff, and then went into a digression so bizarre, even he called it “strange.”

“For all that I’ve been through — and it seems even strange for me to say it — but I am at a certain peace, and it is because of a lot of prayers for me,” King said.

“And, when I had to step down to the floor of the House of Representatives and look up at those 400-and-some accusers, you know we just passed through Easter and Christ’s passion, and I have better insight into what He went through for us, um, partly because of that experience,” King actually really said.

He was referring to the near-unanimous vote to rebuke the racist comments he made in January. Jesus is not known to have made any racist remarks, and reportedly was subjected to considerably more suffering than a strongly-worded congressional rebuke.

Watch the clip above, via KTIV.

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