Trump: Advisers ‘Didn’t Want Me to Use the Word’ Murdered During Pentagon 9/11 Ceremony

George Zimmerman Says Black Lives Matter Is a Group of ‘Terrorists’

TX Man Sues Car Dealer After His Old Truck Ended Up Being Used by Terrorists

Matthews: Calling Terrorists ‘Islamic’ Just Gives Them What They Want

Russian Diplomat Tweets Picture of Terrorist Kumar, and Kal Penn ‘Can’t Stop Laughing’

Rubio: Hillary Comparing GOP to Terrorists Shows She’s ‘Desperate,’ ‘Panicked’

Dem Rep.: Taliban Not Terrorists, ‘Part of the Fabric of Afghanistan’

Hillary Clinton: What Snowden Did ‘Gave All Kinds of Information’ to Terrorists

Harry Reid Rails Against ‘Domestic Terrorists’ Supporting Cliven Bundy

Cheney on 60 Minutes: I Didn’t Want Wireless Defibrillator Because I Thought Terrorists Could Hack It

Wuss FBI Agent ‘Refuses’ To Call Boston Marathon Bombing An ‘Act Of Terror’

Shep Smith On Airport Security: ‘We Need To Stop Freaking Out Every Time Something Happens’

Up With Chris Hayes Panelist: Obama ‘A Kind Of Monarchical Entity’ On National Security

Tea Partier Confronts Obama About Biden’s Alleged ‘Terrorists’ Remark At Town Hall

Fox News Panel Shout About Offensiveness Of Using ‘Hostages’ In Debt Deal

Sarah Palin: If Tea Party Were Terrorists, Obama Would Pal Around With Us

O’Reilly Can’t Convince Krauthammer Of ‘Conspiracy’ Behind Tea Party ‘Terror’ Label

White House On Biden ‘Terrorists’ Remark: ‘Product Of An Emotional Discussion,” But Inappropriate

Sarah Palin Is Upset With Congress For Not Posting Debt Bill On Internet Within Three Days Of Vote

CIA Return To Pakistan For Final Search Of Bin Laden Compound

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