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Twitter Erupts Over 280 Character Tweets: ‘140 Characters Closer to Armageddon’

Trump Launches Fresh Broadsides Against ‘Failing/Fake’ News

Old Trump Tweets About Attacking Syria Were a Prescient Message to His Future Self

‘I Have No Information That Supports Those Tweets’: Comey Shoots Down Trump’s ‘Wiretapping’ Claims

Trump Tweets in Honor of International Women’s Day: ‘I Have Tremendous Respect for Women’

Mark Hamill Came Back as The Joker to Read Donald Trump’s Tweets About John Lewis

Pictures and Links Will No Longer Infringe on Your Right to a Full 140 Characters Per Tweet

Obama’s ‘Mean Tweeters’ Respond to Kimmel Shoutouts

The Only Tweet You Need to See From the #Mad4 Symposium

We’re Getting a Kick Out Of All These Chefs’ Mama Accolades

The Best of the Chefs’ Easter Tweets (Or, How Martha Stewart Won Easter)

The Best of SOBEWFF Tweets: “Like SantaCon but in Chefs Coats”

Watch Members of Congress Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

You Can Now Send Loved Ones Greeting Cards Featuring the Sage Words of Rupert Murdoch

PHOTOS: Pretend It’s Still July 4th Weekend With 10 Chefs’ Holiday Tweets

Stars And Shade: The US Michelin Inspectors’ Sassiest Tweets

Heston Blumenthal Urges Followers To Cook With Pee

Tweeting Easter: How Your Favorite Food Celebrities Are Preparing

Rupert Murdoch Tweets: Why Is The ‘Jewish Owned’ Media ‘So Consistently Anti-Israel?’

Rush Limbaugh Calls Out Roland Martin Over Racism Tweet, Martin Hits Back

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