Trump’s Personal Wealth Takes a Dive: Tumbles More Than 200 Spots on Forbes Billionaire List

Trump Files FEC Report, Says He’s Too Rich for This Sh*t

Pelosi: Even Members of Congress ‘Can’t Live Without Their Paychecks’

Bill Clinton: Hillary’s ‘Dead Broke’ Comment Is ‘Factually True’

Krauthammer Mocks Hillary’s Money Woes, Says She Lacks Sincerity

Beck Mocks Hillary: Giving Speeches and Campaigning Is Such Hard Work!

Harris-Perry Loses Cool Over Guest’s Comment, Yells ‘I Am Sick Of The Idea That Being Wealthy Is Risky’

MSNBC Contrib Explains ‘Drawbridge Republicans,’ Mitt Romney’s ‘Deep, Psychological Confusion’

Major Garrett: Romney Advisor Told Me Problem Is Voters Think ‘He’s Been Too Rich For Too Long’

James Carville On Romney’s Wealth: Issue Isn’t Whether You’re Rich, It’s Whether You’re Clueless

Poll: 75% Of Voters Indifferent To Romney’s Wealth

Class Warfare: S.E. Cupp Battles Bill Maher And Panel Over ‘Demonizing Prosperity’

Romney Responds To Megyn Kelly’s Interrogations: ‘Megyn, Guess What. I Made A Lot Of Money.’

Chris Matthews’ Epic Rant On Romney: ‘He Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead At A Tea Party Meeting’

Bill Maher: People Don’t Like Romney “Not Because He’s Rich, It’s How He Got Rich’

Mika Brzezinski On Rich And Poor Disparity: Wealthy Are ‘Living Shamelessly’

The Economy Today: Luxury Goods Are Flying Off Shelves While Discount Stores Hold Fire Sales

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