Rachel Maddow Rips Into Romney For Defending Lies In Campaign Ads

Stossel Defends Obama Giving States Freedom To Experiment With Welfare’s Work Requirements

Judge Napolitano Tackles Obama’s Welfare Work Waivers: He Has ‘Little Respect’ For Congress Or Constitution

Pat Buchanan: Barack Obama Is A ‘Drug Dealer Of Welfare’

MSNBC Co-Hosts Slam Romney Campaign For Racially-Charged Welfare Attacks On Obama

Romney Pollster: We Won’t ‘Let Our Campaign Be Dictated By Fact-Checkers’

O’Reilly Panel Clashes Over Whether Obama Is To Blame For Our ‘Entitlement Society’

Newt Gingrich Tells Anderson Cooper There’s ‘No Proof’ For Romney Welfare Attack

On Hannity, Allen West Unapologetically Responds To Criticism Of ‘Slavery’ Remark

Megyn Kelly Panel Spars Over Americans’ Dependence On The Government

Ron Paul Calls Secret Service Protection ‘A Form Of Welfare’

O’Reilly On Welfare Recipient In Pelosi Video Aired By Maher: ‘I’d Put Him In Jail’

Alexandra Pelosi Debuts New Video, Bill Maher Says It May ‘Make Liberals Go Insane’

Politifact Rates Lawrence O’Donnell Lean Forward Ad ‘Mostly False’ For Comments About GI Bill

Bill O’Reilly: Are We A Welfare Nation Now?

Mitt Romney Added ‘Welfare’ Line To Prepared New Hampshire Victory Speech

Rick Santorum: Single Moms Are Avoiding Marriage In Order To Collect Welfare

Ben Stein Calls Occupy Protesters ‘Bums’, Says ‘Lighting A Doobie Doesn’t Advance Your Cause’

Boston Herald On Illegal Immigration: Something Wrong With This Picture?

Bill Maher Puts On His ‘Tea Bagger Hat’ To Solve The Debt Crisis

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