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Wyatt Cenac

Jon Stewart to Wyatt Cenac: ‘F*ck Off. I’m Done With You.’

Jon Stewart And Wyatt Cenac Blast Chris Christie And Obama For Marijuana Hypocrisy

Meee-OW: The Daily Show‘s Wyatt Cenac Sues PETA On Behalf Of Exploited Animals

Jon Stewart Revisits Gingrich’s ‘D*ckish’ African American Remarks In Crippling Takedown

Jon Stewart Ridicules Ann Coulter For Her ‘Our Blacks Are Better Than Their Blacks’

Jon Stewart Explores Racist Place Names In Light Of Rick Perry’s ‘N*ggerhead’ Scandal

Daily Show Correspondents Explain How Two-Party System Isn’t Healthy At All

Jon Stewart Defends Rick Perry From Ed Schultz’s Race-Baiting Charges

Jon Stewart: With Debt Fight Stagnant, ‘Dad’ Obama Scolds Congress To ‘Eat Our Peas’

Jon Stewart Wonders Why White House Reporters Put Up With Being Shoved In A Closet

Jon Stewart Looks At Obama’s Slipping Approval Ratings Of Americans

The Daily Show‘s “Sanity Bus” Reaches Its Final Destination, With Jerry Stiller and Ann Meara?

Sanity Rally Revelation: Daily Show‘s ‘Conservative’ Isn’t Truly Very Conservative

Return Of The Crazy One: Jon Stewart Interviews Puppet Michael Steele

Jon Stewart Blasts Arizona As ‘The Meth Lab Of Democracy’

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