Zev Chafets

Talent Rewarded, Disloyalty Punished? Megyn Kelly’s Rise May Be Greta-Induced

Pat Caddell Savages Roger Ailes Biographer: ‘An Embarrassment To The Journalistic Trade’

Roger Ailes In New Biography: Fox News Is ‘Not Programming To Conservatives’

Roger Ailes Biographer Dishes To GMA On Fox Chief’s ‘Star-Making’ Powers And ‘Revolutionary’ Cable News Vision

MSNBC’s Al Sharpton And Touré Take On Roger Ailes’ ‘Lazy’ Racist ‘Dog Whistle’

CNN Guest Slams Roger Ailes For ‘Disgusting’ Comment That Obama Is ‘Lazy’

Roger Ailes In New Biography: Newt Gingrich Is ‘A Prick’ And Biden Is ‘Dumb As An Ashtray’

Cause Celeb: Glowing NY Times Profile Shows James O’Keefe Ready For His Close-up

New Book Claims Obama Told Rush Limbaugh He Can “Play With Himself”

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