Bernie Sanders: If Trump Continues to Stonewall Congress, ‘May Well Be Time for an Impeachment Inquiry’


Senator Bernie Sanders has been more cautious than some other Democrats running for president in talking about impeachment, but today he indicated support for an impeachment inquiry if the White House continues to stonewall Congress.

Sanders told CNN’s Jake Tapper it’s “rather outrageous” for President Donald Trump to storm out of an infrastructure meeting, saying POTUS is “so sensitive” and if he can’t take criticism he should “think twice about being president.”

Tapper noted Sanders’ previous remarks that impeachment talk works to Trump’s advantage, asking if he agrees with Speaker Nancy Pelosi‘s assessment Trump has engaged in a “cover-up.”

“It’s obviously very hard to get into the president’s mind,” Saners said. ” I think you have somebody, what can I say, who is a pathological liar. Somebody who says one thing one day and something different the next day.”

Sanders again said he thinks Trump may believe that impeachment “works for him politically,” and while he again said Democrats shouldn’t get too distracted by these issues, he went a little further than he has previously on the subject:

“But I think if he continues to not understand the Constitution of the United States, the separation of powers, the fact that the Congress has every right to subpoena and it is the job of the administration to attend the hearings that the Congress is calling, if he doesn’t understand that, it may well be time for an impeachment inquiry to begin, where the Judiciary Committee begins to determine whether or not there are grounds for impeachment.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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