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CNN Cuts Away from Trump Rally After Trump Bashes ‘Fake News’ and Crowd Chants ‘CNN Sucks!’

It did not take very long for President Donald Trump to take shots at the press during his big Orlando rally Tuesday night.

A few minutes into his speech, he called his 2016 victory a big defining moment in American history. Gesturing to the press, he said, “Ask them right there.”

A massive chant of “CNN sucks!” broke out at the rally, and the president immediately riffed briefly on the “fake news” in the room.

Trump went on to say it’s like the Academy Awards “went political and their ratings went down the tubes.” As he continued, CNN cut away.

Anchor John Berman remarked, “He was talking about a bright rosy future, but then quickly reverted to the same themes he’s been talking about since he began running four years ago today.”

He noted that Trump briefly talked about the economy but it “lasted for about 30 seconds.”

David Chalian said Trump clearly “shows no desire whatsoever” to seize the moment and “do something different.”

You can watch above, via, well, CNN.

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