Fox’s Kilmeade Presses Trump on Covid Testing Delays: ‘Where is This Test?’ Results Are ‘Taking Forever’


During his extensive interview with Fox & Friends, President Donald Trump was challenged on why most of the country does not have the coronavirus tests with quick turnover that he and his administration get every day.

As Brian Kilmeade noted the ongoing increases in deaths and Covid-19 cases, he asked “what’s going on with the Abbott test?”

“If you got that 15 minute test that the White House has all around the country, you don’t make the Abbott test. Why can’t they flood the country with the Abbott test? Where is this test?” Kilmeade asked.

“We are 50 percent on the test, the Abbott test or its equivalent where it’s a 5-minute test and goes up to 15 minutes,” Trump said. “It’s a great test. By the way that test didn’t even exist until we came up with that test.”

Kilmeade countered, however, by saying “it’s like they stopped making it. I don’t know anybody that gets it. They are all going to these labs and it’s taking forever.”

Trump brushed that off in order to claim “nobody is even close to” the U.S. testing capacity before launching into his nonsensical claim that “when you do a lot of testing, you have more cases, so they say we have more cases.” He continued by claiming that new coronavirus outbreaks reported in multiple states are “under control” and “many states, most states, are coming down.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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