Fusion GPS Founders Announce Book Defending Steele Dossier and Detailing Trump’s Russia Ties


Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch, the two former journalists who founded the open-source intel firm Fusion GPS, announced they are publishing a book detailing President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia.

Most notably, the upcoming work, which is being published by Penguin Books, goes into how Simpson and Fritsch hired ex-MI6 agent Christopher Steele to create an opposition research file on Trump in the lead-up to the 2016 election; parts of the Steele dossier — first picked up by a conservative news outlet investigating Trump and later by the Clinton campaign — were cited by FBI investigators looking into the president and his allies’ connections with the Russian government and Kremlin-tied individuals. The president has dubbed the document the “PHONEY Steele Dossier,” but the new book’s authors argue that their research has been proven to be largely correct.

“It feels like time to explain our work in our own words,” Fritsch said, per the Guardian. “We were witnessing what we thought was a crime in progress that needed to be investigated.”

“I think we give a pretty careful exegesis of the dossier, what is in it and what has been substantiated,” the co-author added. “We conclude it’s a pretty prescient document.”

Prior to launching Fusion GPS in 2011, Simpson and Fritsch worked for the Wall Street Journal, where they reported on Russian criminal enterprises. Their new book focuses on similar research they conducted and is advertised as “a march through a mind-boggling trove of lawsuits, bankruptcies and sketchy overseas projects” related to Trump, according to a Penguin Books description. However, one aspect of Simpson and Fritsch’s research that has been a major public focus will not be revealed — the identities of sources who helped Fusion GPS assemble the Steele dossier.

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