Lawrence O’Donnell Trashes Lindsey Graham: Never Seen a Senator ‘Disgrace His Oath of Office More’


MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell went off on Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Lindsey Graham tonight,

He teed off on Graham for suggesting this week that if he was Donald Trump Jr.‘s lawyer, he’d tell him to ignore the Senate Intel Committee subpoena. Today the committee reached a deal with the president’s so for a limited interview.

O’Donnell, meanwhile, said tonight, “The 27 psychiatrists and mental health professionals who wrote the book about Donald Trump are going to have to find some time to explain Lindsey Graham.”

He couldn’t believe Graham’s comments about Don Jr., especially when compared to comments of his in the Clinton era on the same issue. And that’s when O’Donnell really went off:

“Lindsey Graham is an obstruction of justice. This is clearly witness tampering. Lindsey Graham could be disbarred as a lawyer for that. And by publicly tampering with a Senate witness, Lindsey Graham violated his oath of office. In any previous Senate, the Senate Ethics Committee would begin an investigation of Lindsey Graham today that would very likely lead to his expulsion from the United States Senate. Something very serious has happened to Lindsey Graham and we don’t know what it is. Something deeply disturbing has happened to Lindsey Graham, and we don’t know what it is.”

He said that maybe Graham is trying to avoid a primary challenge when he’s up for reelection, but right now “Lindsey Graham is now publicly everything he once said Donald Trump is.”

O’Donnell even added, “I have never seen a United States senator disgrace his oath of office more than Lindsey Graham has done just in the last couple of days alone.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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