Meghan McCain, Joy Behar Skirmish on Demonizing Republicans: ‘Put This Crap Aside’ and Help America


The View was fired up on Thursday as they talked about the explosive collapse of President Donald Trump‘s infrastructure meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

The conversation began with Sunny Hostin saying Trump broached an “impeachable offense” with his “preposterous” vow to not execute his executive duties until Congress stops conducting oversight on his administration. As the table discussed all the cover-ups Trump claimed he never engages in, Meghan McCain bemoaned the “party posturing on both sides” and the “humor” certain people might find in the absurdity of the meeting despite its seriousness.

As the discussion moved towards the breakdown of bipartisanship, Behar said it was “a bunch of baloney” to put Pelosi on a false equivalence with Trump here after everything Republicans did to act against former president Barack Obama. McCain stuck to her view that “everyone is at fault,” and said to Behar that “as long as you demonize all Republicans, even the spirit of what you said makes me not want to have a conversation with you.”

“We have to put this crap aside, all of us here at The View as well, and politicians in D.C. At a certain point, we have to work together for America. I for one am sick of party politics and what happened in the past. There’s blame everywhere all around…”

McCain concluded that she was not interested in rehashing the past and wanted to focus on addressing the present. While this discussion wasn’t quite so combative, McCain has had a number of blistering exchanges with her colleagues over the last few days.

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