Meghan McCain Totally Shuts Down During Bitter 2020 View Debate: ‘I’ve Said All I Have to Say’


Meghan McCain gave her colleagues on The View the cold shoulder Tuesday when she chose to no longer participate in their conversation about Democrats challenging Donald Trump for the presidency.

After a bruising conversation in which Joy Behar said Republicans should be locked up for protecting Trump by refusing to comply with subpoenas, the panel talked about how the Democrats are trying to decide on how they’re going to approach Trump as 2020 draws closer. When Behar asked McCain if she wants to see a Democrat win, she answered that former House Speaker Paul Ryan is her fantasy pick because “I can’t get behind any of these Democrats” running for president.

Behar responded by noting McCain’s worries about the field of Democratic nominees, and Sunny Hostin also brought up McCain’s affinity for Joe Biden.

“Everyone knows I like Joe Biden,” McCain responded. “He helped me through my father’s cancer, everyone knows that.”

McCain then moved to say something else, but decided that she has had enough.

“I’m not changing your minds this morning, and honestly, I’ve said all I have to say.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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