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Mitch McConnell Backs Barr’s Slamming Trump for Tweeting: ‘The President Should Listen to the Attorney General’

Add Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to team NeverTweet.

Appearing on Fox News Thursday night, McConnell sided with Attorney General William Barr — who, earlier in the day, slammed President Donald Trump for Tweeting about matters pertaining to the Department of Justice.

“The president made a great choice when he picked Bill Barr to be Attorney general,” McConnell told Fox’s Bret Baier. “I think the president should listen to his advice.”

Baier followed up by asking whether McConnell personally has a problem with the president’s tweeting. McConnell dodged, reiterating, “maybe the president should listen to the attorney general.”

The Fox News anchor asked specifically whether he finds Trump’s Tweet congratulating Barr for DOJ intervention in the Roger Stone case to be inappropriate. McConnell again dodged. Undaunted, Baier tweaked the question and asked a fourth time.

“I hate to keep saying the same thing, but…” McConnell said.

The Senate leader went on to express Susan Collins-esque hope that Trump will turn over a new leaf after Barr’s intervention.

“I think the president will listen,” McConnell said.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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