MSNBC Host Loses It on ‘Wealthy White People’ Who Aren’t Concerned By Trump: ‘Look at Your Children!’


MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch went on a tear this afternoon against rich white people who continue to back President Donald Trump even if they don’t like everything he says.

Washington Post reporter Robert Costa spoke with Nicolle Wallace about how Republicans accepted Trump for years, even before he was president and just a businessman engaging in birther attacks.

“Enough is enough,” Deutsch said. “And I want to talk to the white people out there, okay. I want to talk to wealthy white people, because I’ve had it. I’ve had discussions when I talk to friends, people I know. ‘He’s good for the economy. He’s good for the economy. They’re all jerks anyway.’ No, no. It’s time.”

Deutsch said he at least gets how someone who’s poor and thinks Trump can get them a job would still support him because they “don’t have the luxury of a moral imperative.”

“But everybody else, shame on you at this point,” he continued. “Enough. This is where you stand up. And if you don’t, you own it… You are no no different then if you were on a subway train and you saw four white nationalists screaming at an African-American woman, ‘Go home, go where you came from.’ If you vote for Trump it’s like you’re going like this…” (he put his head down) “…and own it.”

Deutsch continued by saying he’s alarmed at the “dangerous place” the U.S. is heading to:

“Look at history. It can happen here. Maybe it’s the Jews next. I forgot, his daughter is married to a Jew. Who says? I come from a… group of people where it happened to, 6 million of them. I’m not saying Trump is that person, but every playbook that’s happening, every single playbook, creating the other, getting rich people to look the other way, getting people to not trust the press, getting a judicial system in your pocket, getting an entire branch of government, the legislative branch — I mean, the Republicans, to just march with you, to act above the law, to say you’re putting your adversaries in jail. And now, ‘Hey, you, dark person, if you don’t like it here, go back from where you came.’ Boy, it’s time for us and time for white people who maybe it’s not so great for your pocketbook, go in and look at your children and decide who you are.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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