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Donny Deutsch

Morning Joe on Avenatti’s Media Blitz: Is He ‘Auditioning’ For MSNBC Chief Phil Griffin?

MSNBC’s Deutsch: Michael Cohen Told Me Giuliani ‘Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About’

Donny Deutsch Definitely Did NOT Pitch This Story of His Own Alleged Heroism to Page Six

Scarborough Rips Trump For ‘Humiliating’ Cohen at Son’s Bar Mitzvah: I’ve Never Met Anyone ‘That Hateful’

Donny Deutsch Derails Morning Joe Segment on Comey Memos After Calling Himself the ‘Hooker Expert’

MSNBC’s Deutsch Blows Up at GOP Rep. After Heated Gun Debate: ‘You Know What We Need to Do!’

Donny Deutsch is Reportedly Dating Trump’s Second Wife

Source Close to Biden: ‘If He’s Healthy, He’s Going For it in 2020’

Donny Deutsch: ‘Did We Elect The Worst Person on The Planet?’ After Trump Falsely Claims Obama Didn’t Call Grieving Families

Donny Deutsch Earns Rebuke From Scarborough After Suggesting Trump a ‘Sociopath’

Morning Joe Talks Trump and Nazis: ‘What a Pathetic Sniveling Little Man Our President Is’

SHOCKER: Donny Deutsch Praises Trump?!: ‘This is Not Going to Do Well For Me in the Hamptons’

Donny Deutsch Blasts Anthony Scaramucci: Like ‘Tire Salesman… Zero Skills’

Morning Joe Blasts Trump Jr.: Astounding ‘Level of Ignorance and Duplicity’

Donny Deutsch Challenges Trump to a Fight: ‘I’ll Meet You in the Schoolyard’

Donny Deutsch Melts Down Over Bleeding Facelift: ‘I Probably Won’t Be On the Show Again’

‘Putin Owns Him’: Donny Deutsch Lambastes Trump Over Russia

Morning Joe Rips Trump and ‘Fat, Middle Aged White Guys’ for Health Care Passage

‘The Meds Have Changed’: Morning Joe Ponders Emergence of ‘Nuanced’ Donald Trump

Donny Deutsch Goes Off: ‘There Needs to be Rage,’ Trump Tweets Are Like ‘Britney Spears’

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