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MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell to Pelosi at Normandy: ‘America is Less Respected in Europe’ Now Than at Any Time Since WWII


NBC anchor Andrea Mitchell argued the relationship between Europe and the U.S. under President Donald Trump is very strained, saying she thinks “America is less respected in Europe than at any time in post-war history.”

Mitchell was speaking with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in Normandy, France on Thursday as part of a series of reports on the anniversary of D-Day. She recalled her past experiences covering the annual event, specifically citing a speech made by President Ronald Reagan.

“I was here when Ronald Reagan was here in 1984. For all the disagreements over how to handle missile deployments, there were a lot of tensions then. We didn’t have the divisions with Europe that we have now. America is less respected in Europe than at any time in post-war history,” Mitchell said.

“Let’s throw on the positive possibilities. I think every one should re-read Ronald Reagan’s speech of that day. It’s beautiful. It talks about the importance of alliances and working together,” Pelosi responded. “It’s pretty exciting to be able to acknowledge what happened then with the ability to thank those who have more recently fought for our freedom.”

Mitchell segued into asking about political division and impeachment, which Pelosi quickly said she wasn’t in Normandy to talk about. Mitchell then asked about what Pelosi hoped to see in Trump’s speech in Normandy.

“Hopefully, a renewed Spirit of collaboration and recognition of our dependence on each other,” Pelosi said.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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