No One Has Any Idea What This ‘Gross,’ Halloween-Themed Air Force One Press Lunch is Supposed to Be


A photo of a Halloween-themed press pool lunch on Air Force One sparked heated debate and confusion among journalists, Monday.

The meal, a stuffed orange bell pepper carved like a spooky jack o’lantern, with salad, tomatoes, and an unknown dish sitting in the corner of the tray, turned heads after it was posted to Twitter by CNN correspondent Michelle Kosinski.

Much of the discussion centered around what was on the plate in the corner of the tray. Theories included a scone, undercooked chicken, and head cheese– a meat jelly made from the head flesh of an animal.

Others described the meal as “gross,” “haunted,” and “cursed,” while some described it as “awesome” and expressed disappointment that they hadn’t thought of making the jack o’lantern bell pepper themselves.

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