Rush Limbaugh: Photos of Children at Border are ‘Fakes’ Designed for People Who are ‘Wimps’ About Kids


On his radio show today, right wing host Rush Limbaugh echoed far right columnist Ann Coulter in saying that kids being photographed and filmed at the U.S. border after being separated from their parents are not real.

Coulter said on Fox News on Sunday “these child actors weeping and crying on all the other networks 24/7 right now… do not fall for it, Mr. President.”

In his program today, Limbaugh made the same basic charge. Rush was describing the way television and “the media’ portray kids and parents. He was saying that the media shows parents as weak and powerless and that kids are vulgar and push their parents around. That kind of person could be the target of fake photos of children at the border, in order to manipulate an emotional response.

“I wonder, if when we have a story like this where the media is using fake photos of children crying,” Rush began before going into an aside. “Well it’s not fake that they’re crying, it’s that the children may not even be who they’re being said to be, and the children may not be separated, they may not be at the border–” he clarified.

“But I wonder how much of this, the media is doing to play off and to corral people who are already wimps and linguini-spines when it comes to kids.”

The conspiracy to manipulate wimpy parents into not wanting to separate children from parents has not been mentioned by the White House or any border agents, nor uncovered at this time by any of the dozens of reporters currently at the border as we speak.

Listen above, via The Rush Limbaugh Show.

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