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Eighth Graders Refuse Photo Op With Paul Ryan

WATCH: Kids Barge In During Live News Segment, Hilarity Ensues

Emory University Offers ‘Emergency Counseling’ After ‘Triggering’ Donald Trump Chalking

Cooper: Lawmakers Ruining Schoolkids’ Bill ‘Could Have Just Pooped’ on It

If Jamie Oliver and Alice Waters Had a Dinner Party Together …

Children’s Book Council Under Fire for Nominating Limbaugh’s Kids Book for Award

Last Call: Just Because It’s Hot Doesn’t Mean One Can Throw Rocks At Ice Cream Trucks

Melissa Harris-Perry Responds To Criticism On Hayes: What Is It About My Ad That Would ‘Distress People So Much?’

‘Hands Off My Kids!’ Hannity And Malkin Battle Leslie Marshall In Heated Segment Over Melissa Harris-Perry Ad

Bill O’Reilly Asks Panelists: How Concerned Should Parents Be About Kids Using Facebook

MasterChef Now Casting For Children For Gordon Ramsay To Emotionally Destroy

Should Children Ever Be Used To Promote Political Agendas?

Michelle Malkin To Hannity: Obama Using Children As Props Was ‘Beltway Theatrical Staging’

Piers Morgan Tears Into Pro-Gun Panelists: You Don’t Support Any Of Obama’s Proposals And ‘It Makes Me Sick’

GOP Rep. Threatening Impeachment: Obama Using Children Like Saddam Hussein Did To Push His Laws

Megyn Kelly Panel Battles Over Whether Obama ‘Using Children As Props’ For Gun Control Announcement

Should News Networks Be Interviewing Young Children About The CT Shooting?

Did Fox & Friends Get Punked, Or Was This Just An Amazingly Bizarre Interview?

Nickelodeon ‘Disappointed’ Mitt Romney Declined To Appear In Election Special

Jamie Oliver Slams David Beckham For Endorsing Junk Food During Olympics

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