Trump Contradicts ‘Fake News’ Mueller Report: I Never Directed McGahn to Fire ‘Trump Hater’ Robert Mueller


President Donald Trump is attacking the media again by contradicting Robert Mueller‘s description of one of his boldest possible attempted efforts to obstruct justice.

The president is railing against the special counsel investigation while insisting that, contrary to media reports on the matter, he never ordered White House Counsel Don McGahn to fire Mueller on his behalf.

Again, Trump is slamming the media for reporting on how the Mueller report says that he asked McGhan to ax the special counsel, but McGahn refused, ultimately resigned, and testified to Mueller’s team. To that end, let’s have another look at what the Mueller report says about those little details.

From Page 216.

On June 14, 2017, the media reported that the Special Counsel’s Office was investigating whether the President had obstructed justice. Press reports called this a major turning point in the investigation: while Corney had told the President he was not under investigation, following Corney’s firing, the President now was under investigation. The President reacted to this news with a series of tweets criticizing the Department of Justice and the Special Counsel’s investigation. On June 17, 2017, the President called McGahn at home and directed him to call the Acting Attorney General and say that the Special Counsel had conflicts of interest and must be removed. McGahn did not carry out the direction, however, deciding that he would resign rather than trigger what he regarded as a potential Saturday Night Massacre.

From 296.

On Saturday, June 17, 2017, the President called McGahn and directed him to have the Special Counsel removed. McGahn was at home and the President was at Camp David. In interviews with this Office, McGahn recalled that the President called him at home twice and on both occasions directed him to call Rosenstein and say that Mueller had conflicts that precluded him from serving as Special Counsel. On the first call, McGahn recalled that the President said something like, “You gotta do this. You gotta call Rod.” McGahn said he told the President that he would see what he could do. McGahn was perturbed by the call and did not intend to act on the request.

And from page 298.

That evening, McGahn called both Priebus and Bannon and told them that he intended to resign. McGahn recalled that, after speaking with his attorney and given the nature of the President’s request, he decided not to share details of the President’s request with other White House staff. Priebus recalled that McGahn said that the President had asked him to do crazy shit, but he thought McGahn did not tell him the specifics of the President’s request because McGahn was trying to protect Priebus from what he did not need to know. Priebus and Bannon both urged McGahn not to quit, and McGahn ultimately returned to work that Monday and remained in his position

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