Trump Dismisses ‘Con Man’ Lev Parnas at Davos Presser: He’s a ‘Groupie That Shows Up at Fundraisers’


President Donald Trump made his feelings for Lev Parnas clear during a Davos, Switzerland press conference that followed the first day of his historic Senate impeachment trial.

ABC News reporter Kyra Phillips asked the president a number of questions, the last of which focused on the former Rudy Giuliani associate who claims to have played a key role in the Trump administration’s controversial dealings with Ukraine.

As Phillips started to ask the question, saying, “Lev Parnas has come forward and said you knew everything he was doing,” Trump interrupted and said “He’s a con man.” Phillps asked, “So you’re saying that’s not true?”

“He’s sort of a groupie that shows up at fundraisers,” Trump clarified, adding, “I don’t know anything about him.”

He then turned to praise his friend and personal attorney Giuliani saying “Rudy is a terrific person, great crime fighter. Best mayor in the history of New York City by far. Solved the crime problem in New York. And I think it’s very unfair the way the media has treated Rudy Giuliani.”

Trump clarified that he didn’t know Parnas, “other than he probably contributed” to his campaign “along with tens of thousands of other people.” As for the many pictures featuring Trump with Parnas? The president explained that he takes a lot of photos with donors.

“I take — I mean, this weekend I was taking pictures with hundreds of people. They contribute to the Republican Party and I stand there and I take pics and every once in a while I will look at somebody and I say gee, I wonder when that picture is going to be in the New York Times or The Washington Post or on Fox.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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