Trump Invites Alt-Right Cartoonist, Accused Anti-Semite Ben Garrison to the White House


The White House is raising eyebrows by inviting controversial right-wing cartoonist Ben Garrison to an upcoming social media summit.

The event will presumably be used to address President Donald Trump’s frequent claim that social media and tech companies are biased against conservatives. Garrison is a popular figure on the alt-right because of his lionized portrayals of Trump and unflattering depictions of the president’s enemies, and he confirmed his attendance with this announcement on Twitter:

Shortly after the news broke, Garrison’s invitation was panned by critics who have accused the illustrator of anti-semitism for the ways in which he has depicted Jews in his work. Among the critics is CNN’s Jake Tapper, who noted this inflammatory picture that was reportedly commissioned by #Pizzagate propagandist Mike Cernovich.

As you can see, the picture shows Jewish billionaire George Soros controlling H.R. McMaster and David Petraeus with puppet strings. In turn, Soros’ strings are being pulled by a hand belonging to the “Rothschilds,” the banking family that has been tied for centuries to conspiracy theories saying Jews secretly control the world.

Here’s a sampling of Garrison’s other recent works:

Garrison’s invite has drawn a great deal of outrage:

[Photo via Twitter/Ben Garrison]

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