Trump Lashes Out at Poll Showing His Approval Plummeting As Fears of Recession Rise


President Donald Trump appeared to be rattled on Tuesday when he used his daily Twitter proclamations to rail against polling conducted by ABC and Washington Post.

The Post and ABC put out new polling data which shows Trump down 6 points from his approval numbers in July and 5 points down on his handling of the economy. This coincides with data showing that 60 percent of the country expect prices to rise because of Trump’s trade war with China, and also a recession is “likely” to happen in the next year.

Respondents said that even though they’re virtually split now on Trump’s overall economic performance, they have a 56 to 35 percent disapproval rating for how he has handled trade negotiations with China. Most also believe that there’s a direct correlation between Trump’s trade policies and the possibility that a recession will come to pass.

Trump’s displeasure with these negative poll numbers might not be terribly shocking given his track record, but as for his other claims about the poll, CNN’s Daniel Dale has run a factcheck on his complaints.

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