Trump Reassures Baffled Reporters That He Won in Syria: ‘Great Day for the Kurds … Great Day for Civilization’


President Donald Trump attempted to spin the five-day cease fire in Syria (which was reached after he facilitated a Turkish invasion) to reporters who seemed — based on their questions — as though they were utterly baffled.

Speaking from Texas ahead of his rally in Dallas on Thursday, the president called the five-day agreement “an amazing outcome.”

“This is an incredible outcome,” Trump said. “This outcome is something they’ve been trying to get for ten years — everybody, and they couldn’t get it. Other administrations. And they never would have been able to get it unless you went somewhat unconventional. I guess I’m an unconventional person.”

It’s unclear what outcome Trump is referring to. Previous U.S. presidents have not sought to hand over northern Syria to Turkey.

Trump went on to say that the Kurds were on board with the agreement which may allow them five days to flee.

“The Kurds were great,” Trump said. “Great day for the Kurds. It’s really a great day for civilization. It’s a great day for civilization.”

When it came time for questions, a perplexed David Martosko of the Daily Mail asked the president, essentially, if he was playing nth-dimensional chess.

“Mr. President, you’re talking about all of this shooting as though it was part of a plan,” the reporter said. “Are you saying you planned for these people to attack each other?”

“No. I think this, David, it had to be an unconventional solution,” Trump replied. “Because the conventional solution is to sit down, negotiate, and they’ve done that for 15 years, actually. More than that, I understand. And that was never going to work. But all of a sudden, when they saw and how nasty it was, and rough it would get. It would were get 100 times worse than what was happening. But when they saw the level of nastiness, they said, let’s make a deal. Everybody together. Let’s make a deal.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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