Video Board at Trump Rally Calls Trump’s Twitter Feed ‘Your Source for Real News’

President Donald Trump is playing to hold a rally in Duluth, Minnesota on Wednesday night to stump for Pete Stauber for the Eighth Congressional seat.

Yet, even before the rally starts, the crowd is being treated to a variety of Trumpian takes, including a video board claiming Trump’s Twitter feed is “your source for real news.”

The board was spotted by Ben Jacobs of The Guardian and posted to Twitter Wednesday night.

Right there in lights, the huge sign is advertising Trump’s Twitter feed as a way to “stay up to date.”

Jacobs also noted video of Lara Trump was being shown on the big screens pre-rally.

Trump’s rallies usually draw his most ardent supporters, many who appear to embrace the themes of Trump’s twitter feed.

They are also frequent hotbeds for “fake news” taunts.

“These are very dishonest people, many of them. They are very, very dishonest people,” Trump said a rally in Washington, Michigan in April.

He added: “Fake news. Very dishonest,” he added. “They don’t have sources. The sources don’t exist, in many cases.”

The rally starts at 7:30 ET.

Watch livestream here.

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