Warren Rips Trump on Security Clearances: He’s a ‘Walking, Talking, Living, Breathing Threat to National Security’


Massachusetts Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren ripped Donald Trump and his administration over a whistleblower’s accusations that the White House overturned dozens of security clearance denials.

At the “We the People” Democratic candidates’ forum on Monday afternoon, Warren took to the stage and told the crowd that “this is a perilous time for our country,” and that every day, “we see anew form of the risks posed to this country by a corrupt administration.”

“We woke up this morning to find out that at least 25 people in this administration had been denied security clearances,” Warren continued, referring to allegations by a White House whistleblower. “Why? Because they had time to foreign governments, because they had conflicts of interest, because they had financial problems that made them vulnerable.”

“And what does the president of the United States do?” Warren asked. “Instead of saying ‘Hey, whoa, my responsibility is to watch out for the American people,’ no these are friends, these are people with money, with connections, and his answer was just ‘Ram ’em through.”

“You know, the Trump administration is a walking, talking, living, breathing threat to National Security,” she said, adding “And we just have to call it out.”

The whistleblower, White House security adviser Tricia Newbold, told the House Oversight and Reform Committee that security clearances for at least 25 people were denied, then later approved by more senior officials without addressing concerns raised in the denials.

Warren has not been shy about attacking Trump, even predicting several weeks ago that he might end up in prison before the end of his first term.

Watch the clip above, via Global News.

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