Actress Accusing Steven Seagal of Rape Speaks Out: ‘He Was on Top of Me, I Couldn’t Move’


Megyn Kelly had an emotional and compelling interview on Friday with Regina Simons, one of the women who have gone public recently with their accusations of rape against action movie star Steven Seagal.

Simons was a teenager when she appeared in Seagal’s On Deadly Ground as a background extra in 1994. She told Kelly that the action star sexually assaulted her after she was invited to a party at his house in Beverly Hills, which she attended in the hopes of expanding her business network.

When Simons arrived, she found that she and Seagal were the only ones there, and that’s when things allegedly went wrong.

“He said he wanted to show me something and took me into what seemed to be a bedroom, there was a bed in there, and then closed the door and tried to kiss me and took my clothes off. Before I knew it he was on top of me, and I couldn’t move. I just completely froze, and even felt like I left my body, was just — I knew I was crying.”

When Kelly asked Simons what she wants to happen, the actress tearfully expressed hope that her story will help make sure that similar abuse will no longer continue in silence.

“Why I came forward is to call out my abuser…and let him know this is not okay,” Simons said.

Watch above, via NBC.

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