Alan Dershowitz Makes Direct Appeal to Trump on Fox & Friends: ‘I Implore You to Stop’ Migrant Policy Now


Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz appeared on Fox & Friends Monday morning and made a direct appeal to President Donald Trump to end his policy that separates migrant children from their parents at the southern border.

Dershowitz first responded to former CIA head Michael Hayden, who compared the Trump policy to the practices of Nazi Germany. Hayden did so in a tweet, featuring a picture of Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz.

“Michael Hayden is a great man, he was a great public servant,” Dershowitz said. “But I think making comparisons to death camps and concentration camps is a form of holocaust denial.”

Dershowitz then made a direct appeal to Trump, pointing out that “I have been defending your civil liberties and will continue to do so on this show”:

You have to end this policy of separating parents from children. Not because of the parents but because of the children. It imposes a trauma on the children. It’s just unacceptable. It’s just not proper. There are other ways of doing this. You can send parents and children back together. You can do other things, but separating parents and children, no matter where you put them. No matter how the facilities may look.

“Mr. President, it just has to stop,” Dershowitz continued. “There are better ways of doing this. You’re better than this, the American people are better than this, the American government is better than this. So I implore you to stop it now.”

Given the president’s Fox & Friends binge last week, it’s pretty likely that Dershowitz’s message got out.

UPDATE 8:50 a.m. EST: Trump tweeted:

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