Alisyn Camerota is Baffled How Trump Tower Meeting Isn’t a Crime: ‘Open and Shut Case’


CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota is baffled at how Donald Trump Jr’s infamous Trump Tower meeting with a Russian operative amid the 2016 election isn’t an obvious crime, describing it as an “open and shut case” on New Day this morning.

“First of all the law, which says, it is illegal to take anything of value from someone foreign,” co-anchor John Berman said. “This is US Code 30121, contributions and donations by foreign nationals — federal law, makes it a crime for any person to solicit, accept, or receive, anything of value from a foreign person or US political campaign for the purpose of influencing any elections for federal office.”

“I mean, what more really is there to talk about after that one?” Added Camerota, after already saying, “I feel that’s an open and shut case.”

She continued:

“I don’t want to parse this any more. The law says you can’t do this, OK. It’s very clear, the law explicitly says you cannot do this. Now, is their argument, well we didn’t collect anything of value? Had they delivered on the dirt then it would have been illegal, but we didn’t.”

Berman went on to reference President Donald Trump’s recent tweet on the Trump Tower meeting, which he said directly contradicted his previous statements on the matter.

“He just admitted that the statement he dictated on Air Force One, that his lawyers admit now he dictated, is wildly misleading,” the CNN anchor said. “That statement, put side-by-side with this statement he just put out on Twitter for us all to see, they directly contradict each other.”

“You don’t often have a president of the United States who admits, as he just did, that he willingly mislead, or yes, lied to the American people,” he added.

Watch above, via CNN.

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