Ana Navarro Chastises State Senator for Defending Sheriff Joe: ‘Latinos Will Say You’re Self Loathing’


A New Day showdown between CNN political commentator Ana Navarro and Republican Arizona State Senator Steve Montenegro descended into whataboutisms and ad-hominem attacks as the two debated President Donald Trump’s pardon of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

“There will be a lot of Latinos watching you and listening to you today who are going to say you’re a self loathing Latino who doesn’t look at himself in the mirror,” said Navarro to the Hispanic state senator — adding, however, that she is above such identity-based accusations.

In comparably poor form, Montenegro attempted to defend Arpaio’s record by saying his charge for racial discrimination was simply an accusation “made by liberals.” Navarro was quick to point out that a number of Republicans — such as Arizona senators John McCain and Jeff Flake — opposed the disgraced sheriff’s pardon.

Montenegro also employed whataboutisms by calling back to President Barrack Obama’s pardoning of Chelsea Manning (fact check: Obama did not pardon Manning, her prison sentence was commuted) and others to defend Arpaio’s controversial history.

Additionally, when asked by CNN host Chris Cuomo to explain his defense of Arpaio, Montenegro opted to move the goalposts by claiming the Latino community is solely focused on jobs, not “villains” created by “liberals,” “the media,” and “judges that had complete bias.”

The segment later descended into a shouting match where Montenegro called Navarro a liberal, and she called the state senator a “broken record” — both in English and in Spanish.

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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