Ann Romney Takes On ‘Deeply Troubling’ Scandals On CBS: ‘Breach Of Trust’ Between Americans, Gov’t

For her first interview since the election, Ann Romney took to CBS This Morning on Thursday to reflect on her husband Mitt Romney‘s campaign as well as the current scandals facing the Obama administration. It’s “deeply troubling,” she contended — and illustrates a “breach of trust” between Americans and their government.

Speaking about election day, Ann Romney recalled when they started getting worried (6 p.m.) and how they’d expected to win. Asked how she feels now, Romney described a range of emotions — her frustration has subsided.

“I’m really happy with my life. I’m really happy,” she replied. “I think it’s hard what the country is going through right now. I think there’s this breach of trust that we as all Americans feel right now with our government.”

“If we look at the three scandals that are going on right now,” Romney continued, asked to elaborate, “and in particular, I saw the polling numbers with how people are upset with the IRS scandal. We have to have trust in our government. We have to believe that they’re doing the right for us. When we feel like they’re breaking our trust, it’s deeply troubling.”

As the discussion veered back to the 2012 election, Romney discussed the difficulties of campaigning, but noted that she wouldn’t go back and change anything. “No regrets,” she said.

Watch below, via CBS:

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