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AP’s Jon Lemire: Bloomberg About to Show Us Whether the Rules Don’t ‘Apply to Anyone Anymore’ or If It’s Just Trump

Nicolle Wallace and her MSNBC panel today, in discussing Michael Bloomberg’s entrance into the 2020 race, looked back at 2016 and how President Donald Trump won despite all the things he had said and done over the years.

Wallace in particular recalled how she said four years ago someone who said the things Trump did on the infamous Access Hollywood tape could be elected president.

“Trump was ushered in after the Access Hollywood tape came out. What is the impact and what is different in a Democratic primary?” she asked.

Associated Press reporter Jon Lemire said Bloomberg may provide the answer to a big question about politics in the Trump era:

“One of the great questions — and we don’t know the answer to id yet — is do the rules not apply to anybody anymore or do the rules just not apply to Donald Trump? We simply don’t know. Most Republicans have made their peace with Donald Trump. They’re willing to let things go. We don’t know if Democrats are willing to do the same with their nominee, whoever that might be. There is this idea of the purity test… Nominating Bloomberg would be a compromise.”

He noted the controversies over what Bloomberg has said about stop-and-frisk, in addition to other comments of his he’s come under fire for in the past week, not to mention how Bloomberg used to be a Republican.

Charlie Sykes said Lemire’s asking the right question and added, “Have the rules fundamentally been changed or do they only apply to Donald Trump? I’m just wincing in anticipation of waiting for someone who defend Bloomberg saying it was just locker room talk. Because we’ve seen that hyperpartisanship. The one redeeming grace for him, I guess, is there’s no accusation of any sexual misconduct. He’s not bragging about things that he did or would do to others, he’s just being misogynistic and saying really distasteful things.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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