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Author of Kushner Inc. Explains When Mattis Thought Jared Went From Being ‘Annoying’ to ‘Downright Dangerous’

Vicky Ward, author of the newly released Kushner Inc., explained on CNN when former Secretary of Defense James Mattis changed his mind on Jared Kushner, realizing he wasn’t just “annoying” but “downright dangerous.”

Ward said Kushner — President Donald Trump‘s son-in-law and senior adviser — was “dangerous” for several reasons, including his almost dragging the United States into another full-blown war in the Middle East. He also micromanaged the State Department behind then-Secretary Rex Tillerson’s back and “got played” by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, she said.

“His taking over control of the State Department, basically, taking Rex Tillerson’s portfolio out of his hands, particularly in the Middle East. His complete control of the relationship with MbS in Saudi Arabia meant he kind of got played by MBS,” Ward explained.

Ward said after Trump’s visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which was supposed to highlight cooperation, Saudi Arabia then “made a mockery” of the United States when they blockaded Qatar, which houses an American military base.

“That is our security on the line,” she continued. “That was when Rex Tillerson and Jim Mattis, the defense secretary who had no idea about any of this, thought that Jared went from being a really annoying obstacle and meddler to being downright dangerous.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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