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Bernie Goldberg Predicts The Slant Of The Day’s Election Coverage (Hint: It’s Liberal)

With Americans expressing their political will halfway through the Obama presidency tomorrow most of the attention given to Election Day remains around voters, much attention has been given to the results of the election itself. On last night’s O’Reilly Factor, Bernie Goldberg took the O’Reilly Factor audience a step back to examine the media coverage which, shockingly, he found to be too liberal.

Arguing that many members of the media are “observing this campaign sitting in the left-field bleachers,” Goldberg predicted that some networks would be “calling voters stupid” over voting Republican. “When Republicans were winning” in the past, he argued, those in the media argued that “voters were angry,” whereas, Goldberg continued, it was “soccer moms” who came out to vote in 2008 for President Obama.

Bill O’Reilly agreed on most of these points but was much more interested in emphasizing Fox News’ ratings and the comparative persuasive power of the network. While the network news played “The Bachelor Goes to the Amazing Race Goes to Kim Kardashian’s House Trick-or-Treating” instead of covering the election, O’Reilly joked, the cable news channels fought it out for attention, and “Fox,” he predicted, “overwhelmingly will win.”

The conservation from last night’s Factor via Fox News below:

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