Bernie Sanders Ridicules Hillary’s New Book: ‘Does Anyone Really Believe’ I Stole Her Ideas?


As the great Democrat civil war wages on, the party’s two most popular candidates from the 2016 election are still busy taking shots at each other.

While Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders appeared on MSNBC, All In host Chris Hayes read a passage from Hillary Clinton‘s new book in which she claims her primary opponent borrowed her policy ideas, then proceeded to make them “even bigger, loftier, and leftier — regardless of whether it was realistic or not.”

He responded to this passage with ridicule and mockery, implying Clinton’s assertion was absurd:

“‘Bernie Sanders just stole all of Hillary Clinton’s ideas!’ Does anyone really believe that? The truth is, the real story is that the ideas we brought forth during that campaign, which was so ‘crazy and radical,’ have increasingly become mainstream. I talked about a $15 an hour minimum wage — Hillary did not. We’ve got 31 co-sponsors for $15 an hour minimum wage. We talked about a trillion-dollar infrastructure. We talked about making health care a right of all people through Medicare for all. It is becoming mainstream within the Democratic Party.”

Sanders went on to explain that, unlike Clinton’s shift to leftist issues, his policies were long a part of his plan to change America through progressive populism. Though he is not technically a Democrat, the independent senator went on to claim that his “political revolution” ideas are beliefs he has “always” talked about.

Sanders isn’t the only popular figure taking shots at Clinton for her blame-shifting in her new book, as Late Night host Seth Meyers sounded off on the Democrat Party’s nominee last night. “Bernie is not the reason you lost… [he] didn’t tell you not to go to Wisconsin, he didn’t tell you to do paid speeches to Wall Street,” chided Meyers last night.

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