Bob Corker: Saudi Crown Prince Clearly ‘Directed’ Khashoggi’s Murder and Knew All About It


In an interview with CBS This Morning co-host John Dickerson, Sen. Bob Corker said he thinks Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is responsible for Jamal Khashoggi‘s brutal murder, whether there is ultimately a smoking gun or not.

“I think he directed it but even if he didn’t, which I don’t think is the case, he’s responsible for the agency that carried out the killing and he’s taken no ownership of it,” Corker stressed, noting the fact he “does not have access to a smoking gun” doesn’t change his opinion.

He then pointed out that just like in the corporate world, if you are the head of an organization, you are to blame.

“If the CEO of your network, if something terrible happens, the CEO owns it,” he said.

Corker then stressed in this case he thinks it goes beyond it happening under his leadership.

“I think he directed it, he knew all about it,” Corker said.

On October 2, Khashoggi was last seen entering a Saudi consulate in Istanbul.  However,  the president has indicated that he has no plans to punish the Saudi Crown Prince for the Washington Post journalist’s grisly death, stressing that the U.S. Saudi relationship — and giving up “hundreds of billions of dollars” — was just too high a price to pay.

According to Corker, though, the Khashoggi case was not about the United States relationship with Saudi Arabia but American values.

“We’re the standard bearer in the world. We are still in spite of where people may view us to be this very day, we are still this shining city on the hill,” Corker said. “When we degrade ourselves by not focusing on the moral values, what it does is send a signal to the world that there’s only one thing we care about and that is money.”

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