Brian Williams And Jimmy Fallon Slow Jam The Debt Default Crisis

It is rare that a story so complex, tedious, and time-consuming as the current potential debt default Congress is fighting up takes up all the breathing room in the news cycle, and it has definitely taken a toll on the American people’s faith in government, if not on their attention span. Luckily, Jimmy Fallon and Brian Williams have put together a recap in what is possibly the only medium through which the story is palatable: the classic Slow Jam.

Williams enlisted Fallon’s help, along with The Roots, to recap “all that moaning and groaning on Capitol Hill” lately, and he sultrily sang the one truth about the whole debt mess: “any time Democrats and Republicans get together, someone’s getting screwed.” There are some real double entendre gems in this piece, with possibly the best being “caucus blockus,” and delightful rhymes lamenting the lack of love between Speaker John Boehner and President Barack Obama— even with some Harry Potter references mixed in.

The segment from Friday night’s Late Night via NBC below:

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