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Buttigieg on Kamala Harris Comments About DOJ Prosecuting Trump: Process ‘Should Have Nothing to Do With Politics’

Mayor Pete Buttigieg isn’t 100 percent in agreement with Senator Kamala Harris‘ assessment of what obligation the DOJ would have with respect to President Donald Trump after he’s out of office.

In a preview clip released by CNN, Jake Tapper asked Buttigieg about the comments from his 2020 rival to NPR that she believes the DOJ would have “no choice” but to pursue obstruction charges against Trump.

“I’ve seen prosecution of cases on much less evidence,” Harris added.

“[She said] her Justice Department would have no choice but to go forward with obstruction of justice charges against President Trump,” Tapper said. “Would the Justice Department under a President Buttigieg feel the same way, do the same thing?”

“My Justice Department will be empowered to reach its own conclusions,” Buttigieg responded. “Two things are true and clear. One, nobody is above the law, and, two, the prosecutorial process should have nothing to do with politics. The less this has to do with the president, the better.”

He knocked Trump for thinking he can “dictate what the DOJ is going to do” and said “the rule of law will catch up to this president,” but added, that “doesn’t require the Oval Office putting any kind of thumb on the scale.”

“I trust the DOJ to reach the right determinations, at least the DOJ that I would appoint and set up,” Buttigieg said, “and the less that has to do with directives coming out of the White House, the better.”

“It sounds like you have an issue with Senator Kamala Harris saying that,” Tapper said.

Buttigieg said he’s just commenting on how he views the issue, reiterating that “prosecution decisions should have nothing to do with politics and should come from the DOJ itself, not from the Oval.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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