Cable News Hosts Pick the Best and Worst of MSNBC


Last week, we sent a survey to several dozen cable news hosts from Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC, hoping to gain insight into how insiders view their own colleagues and competitors.

While guaranteeing complete anonymity, we asked them to name one colleague for each of the following 10 categories: Best and Worst Hosts, Fox; Best and Worst Hosts, CNN; Best and Worst Hosts, MSNBC; Best and Worst Guests, Overall; and Best and Worst TV Reporters, Overall.

So when it came to MSNBC hosts, how did our surveyed cable newsers vote? Take a look below:

Best Host, MSNBC

Given our propensity to select either Steve Kornacki or Chris Hayes as among the best from MSNBC, we were surprised by this runaway victor: Andrea Mitchell.

The host of the noon hour program, Andrea Mitchell Reports, garnered a majority of the anonymous votes, besting a slew of single-vote runners-up that included Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Abbie Huntsman, and Joe Scarborough.

Mitchell has been in the broadcasting business a long time, and has developed a respected reputation among her peers for her many years as either a foreign affairs, White House, or congressional correspondent for the Peacock Network.

Interesting to note: One voter refused to answer this question, instead writing “None.” I think it’s a safe bet as to which network employs that particular host. Hmmm…

Worst Host, MSNBC

This should come as no surprise: The majority of votes were evenly split between Ronan Farrow and Al Sharpton.

(Farrow won our staff’s “Worst of 2014” honors; Sharpton has been roundly panned.)

Several other hosts received single votes, including Touré and Chris Matthews, but none racked up nearly as many as Sharpton and Farrow.

Another interesting note: One voter refused to answer this question as well, instead writing, “All of them.” We’re going to go out on a limb and guess that was done by the same person who voted “none” for MSNBC’s best. We leave it to you, our humble readers, to decide who that voter likely is.

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