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Influential to Infamous: The Chefs, Restaurants, and Food Names Who Made 2014

12 Lady Chefs (and Non-Chefs) Who Owned 2014

The Wonderful Absurdity That is the New York Times Food Section’s Gift Guide

New Poll Shows GOP Poised to Benefit from Bigger ‘Wave’ Than 1994, 2010

Harvard Poll of Young Voters Full of Bad News for Democrats

Poll: GOP Voters Much More Enthusiastic to Vote in November than Democrats

Dem Senate Comm. Blasts Nate Silver for Predicting GOP ‘Slight Favorite’ to Win Senate

Democrats Scramble to Find 2014 Campaign Theme, Settle on All of the Above

Biden: ‘I Wish There Was a Republican Party,’ But ‘There Isn’t’

GOP Rep.: Give Our Nominees ‘Duct Tape to Put Over Their Mouths So They Don’t Say Stupid Things’

Biden: Public Agrees ‘Between 51 and 70%’ with Obama ‘on Every Major Issue’

Gibbs: If Dems Lose Senate, 2015 SOTU ‘Will Be an Exceedingly Minimal Affair’

Rothman: Can Obama Shake the Media’s 2016 Obsession?

At Democrats’ Request, Even Mike Bloomberg Is Giving up on Gun Control

Democratic Party’s New Rising Star: Clay Aiken?

Happy New Year! Here Are Some of the 40,000 New Laws Taking Effect Today

The 7 Supposed Food Trends of 2014 We Pray To God Don’t Happen

Poll: GOP Takes Lead Over Dems on Generic Congressional Ballot

POLITICO Spots Obama’s 6 Worst Fears as Obamacare Crunch Time Nears

When Will Reporters Tire of Obama’s Tedious Blame-Shifting for His Failures?

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