Candace Owens on Fox: Black Community Did ‘Better’ 100 Years After Slavery, Before Socialism Ended Progress


Former Infowars regular Candace Owens sparred with Harvard professor Cornel West on Fox News Tuesday, and Owens claimed the African American community was doing “better” 100 years after slavery was abolished — until “socialism” mucked it all up.

The two collided on Laura Ingraham’s in a debate over whether Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders would be the stronger Democratic candidate in the 2020 election. Owens used the segment to lay into the Vermont senator, calling him a proponent of socialism “that has destroyed and decimated the black community [with] socialist policies like in terms of the welfare.”

West countered Owens by arguing that welfare wasn’t socialism, “it was an attempt to intervene given the failure of capitalism to provide jobs or a living wage for people.” Owens, suffice to say, disagreed:

“It was absolutely socialism and you know that. You know in our community after the first 100 years…100 years after slavery, the black community was doing better. We were going up, up, up. Then suddenly they socialized our community via welfare policies and the black community went down, down, down.”

Owens continued to battle West for supporting Sanders, saying: “you’re sitting here supporting a candidate who is advocating for making [welfare] on a larger scale,” and she declared that, “socialism has led to more deaths than anything else in the last 100 years.” It all went downhill from there, not the least reason being there was no mention of Jim Crow laws and elements of systemic racism that continued to exist in America from the 1865 abolition of slavery to the fruition of the Civil Rights Movement.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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