Carl Bernstein Invokes Watergate Against Trump: GOP Must Say ‘We Can’t Have a Criminal President’


CNN political analyst Carl Bernstein says the GOP’s reaction to Donald Trump‘s summit with Vladimir Putin will define his presidency the same way Watergate defined Richard Nixon.

Bernstein was on New Day today to talk about the chances of Trump changing course in the face of the monumental criticism for his remarks in Helsinki. The Watergate reporter called the presser was a “national security emergency” situation since Trump apparently cannot be trusted to protect the country.

“We now have to figure out how to deal with a President of the United States who wittingly or unwittingly has been compromised,” said Bernstein. “What we saw yesterday was collusion – witting or unwitting – in the president’s words and attitudes towards Putin as the two stood there.”

Since a lot of conservatives are bashing Trump, Bernstein said their follow-up to the summit will be a decisive moment for whether or not the president’s own party will hold him accountable.

“I think this is a moment for Republicans to define who they are as they did in Watergate when they decided we couldn’t have a criminal president of the United States. Republicans have to speak out and say we cannot have a president of the United States whose loyalty is being questioned.”

While Bernstein noted that its difficult to reign in Trump because of his copious lying, he said the only way to hold Trump accountable with any real meaning is if Republicans step up and join the effort.

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